Embroidery – The “Are you kidding me, its freezing out there!” activity.

Embroidery - The “Are you kidding me, its freezing out there!” activity.

With winter in full swing, outdoor activities have dwindled a bit. The ground is frozen, making fence building impractical, and that’s pretty much the next big step for our homestead. Indoor activities have taken over. I’ve been working on new kitchen towels, and trying my hand at embroidering pillow cases – a fun gift from the Husband.
Embroidery is a new craft for me. Years back I was given a couple flour sack towels that my great grandmother had embroidered at some point. I really have no idea how old they are exactly, just that they were old by the time I got them in the 90s. These have been a favorite of mine.
Growing up I was obsessed with homesteading. When we learned about settlers in early grade school I went to my great grandma (the oldest person I knew), and asked “did you come over in a covered wagon?” To my delight, she did. Since then it has been my dream to have my own piece of a homestead. Though my home was built more recently then 1900, I still enjoy creating my own version. I try to fill my home with items that have meaning to me, purpose, and will last for years to come. I was raised in a farming family, where even antique heirlooms were to be used and cherished, not just shelved. I am working to continue this tradition.


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