Packing up Christmas

After returning from church today and tripping over empty Christmas gift boxes I decided this junk has gotta go! I decided this is the time to start the year off right. This time last year we were searching for a new home and prepping to move. We actually moved in May, which is an overly busy time for our family. Early spring each year my husband travels and stays in Leavenworth for a few weeks working on temporary fish hatcheries. As a result, Hubby moved us in, I unpacked, and by the time we looked around outside everything was dying. We spent the next several months just focusing on keeping the grass green and getting the odds and ends taken care of. So, this year, I’m starting strong! I found this great free printable planner. Looks like a good blog, and I’ve started following her. According to the email I received, over 8,000 downloads were attempted in 24 hrs. wow.


Here’s the planner I found. You can get it to by going to:

Along with cleaning up the holiday fun, a.k.a. GIANT MESS, I had the normal chores. Actually, in all honesty, now that hubby has gotten over the flu, I just followed him around helping where I could. This time of year there isn’t much in the way of outdoor chores. Feed and water animals is about it. However, I snapped a few crazy pictures. No snow, but we’ve been hit by ice, a lot of it.


We left the wagon full of fire wood sitting out by the front door. Guess we’ll put that back in the stack to burn later, ha-ha.

DSC_0175 DSC_0176

This is a picture of the chicken coup and a bunny hutch, and I swear there is a chicken standing right at the fence where I took the picture. The animals don’t seem to care too much since it has warmed up (24 degrees today vs. 7 a couple weeks ago). When it was below 20, the chickens wouldn’t leave their house.


I just like the way our tree looks all frosted over, and thought I would share with you.

Have a Happy New Year!


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