My Latest Cold Weather Task

Step 2 for organization:

My next step of organization for the year is to take on the family budget. I know we do okay, our income covers our spending, but we don’t always save as much at the end of the month as we could. In the past we did the “Envelope” method for budgeting.  This worked okay when we lived in a town with multiple stores. But now we run into a few problems with it.

The envelopes don’t work so great when the closest grocery store (5 miles away) is a mom and pop shop, that you really should check the expiration dates before purchasing. When we go to the store on a quick trip it’s 16 to 20 miles away, you really don’t want to turn around for cash.

It’s a bit of a pain to go to the bank whether it’s once a month or each pay period. Nobody likes the person that takes 10 minutes in the drive thru, so you really need to go in. Now I’ll admit I find it entertaining when the gal at the bank looks at you like you’re going to have the biggest yard sale ever.

It’s also not the safest way to go. You end up either walking around with a larger than normal sum of cash, or leaving that cash in your car.

And don’t get me started on shopping somewhere like target or Walmart. You end up spending a half hour afterward trying to balance back out the cash in your envelopes because you didn’t want to look like the stripper pulling out a bunch of ones and fives from each envelope, since items fell into multiple categories.

The point is I’m trying a new plan. I’m keeping a tally sheet to help stay on track, and I’m hoping that the visual of writing down the spending will make me more conscious of our spending.


If you’re interested, you can get a copy here: expence tracking


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