A Family Hunt


Yesterday was our first family hunt of the year! Okay in honesty, it was the first in almost 5, and I’m not sure the one other time counts considering I just rode in the truck with the new baby. As we piled out of the truck at our hunt destination and our son started telling me stories and asking questions, I couldn’t help but reflect on my dad taking me hunting as a kid.

Looking back I remember questioning my father’s hunting ability given we never once got anything when he took me out. Watching my own child I realize it was because EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything, knew we were coming long before we got there. There was no “sneaking”, no “surprising” your prey. No, they knew you were there, just like our parents and grandparents knew when we were “sneaking around” and getting into areas we were not allowed to play.  You sound like a parade traipsing through the brush. My son literally started singing and jumping at one point and tried to yell to see if dad liked his song. Ummm… yes, I’m sure all the birds did too.


As a mom though, this was great! I was able to get some great pictures that I believe we will cherish for years to come. We made perfect memories, and not to be sappy, but when I pictured myself as a parent this is a variation of what I hoped for.

*All gun safety procedures were followed, no worries!

DSC_0282_edited-1 DSC_0254_edited-1     DSC_0314_edited-1



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