Super Mom!


Ever have one of those days where you’re going “I’m awesome!” That’s been me today, conceited? Maybe, but still I couldn’t help but think: “Man I’m on my game today. Watch out I’m super Mom!”

Let me explain.

This past weekend our family gathered to butcher pigs. It’s a once a year family event on my in-laws side. The catch is I’m talking about a group of people that start work at O-dark 30. Hence, 6:15 and we were late. Now I’d love to be that person posting pictures of us all or at least me, looking like a rock star at that awful hour on a Saturday, but let’s face it, I had to leave my house with a 5 year old by 5:20 in order to be late. I wasn’t looking like the magazine mom I pretend I look like. I’m not even sure I managed to put on make-up. I know it didn’t look like it when I got home. But hey, my sister in-law was still in pajamas. She looked comfier then me, but neither of us was going to win a modeling contract. I did feel better though when my brother in-law showed up later than us and he looked like he just chased down the abominable snow man. My inappropriate judgy inner voice said “ha! I’m not the goofiest looking in the group this winter. Its 40! I managed to leave the winter gear home!”

Anyway I digress; both Saturday and Sunday were like this for me and my family. By Sunday night I had the kid that made ME want a time out. I was over it. After putting my son to bed I was exhausted, yet not ready to sleep, so I ended up staying up just as late as normal. This morning I woke up and felt great (that wore off around 1 when I was trying to stay awake during lean management training). I managed to get the kid going and ready to go, made blueberry muffins for breakfast, started a load of bedding in the wash, and managed to get a roast started in the crock pot all in time to leave for work at 7:30. Even made it out of the house in time to be social at daycare for a minute before rushing out to work. Toward the end of the day I remembered to ask my husband to put the bedding in the dryer since he would get home before me. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Then it occurred to me. This day had been way too easy. Great morning, no problems at work, awesome husband helping with laundry…… Something’s gonna give, a ball will drop, shoe will fall, whatever. I actually set an alarm to make sure I didn’t forget to pick my son up from daycare.  But everything has turned out perfect. Well, as far as I know.

So at this point, I’m Super Mom! I made it all day and even got a chance to write this ridiculously long “check me out” blog post.  Eh, I say we all get to brag once in a while. Today is that day for me.




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