GT50 – an inspiration


Back in 2008 I was working as a 911 dispatcher in Grant County Washington, I also volunteered for the Ephrata fire department. That January our little emergency services community was rocked. One of our deputies who was also a local fire department volunteer, and friend of many, went out hunting. In our area coyote hunting is fairly common, it’s more of a time passer, so it’s not too uncommon for people to go alone. Earl was out alone that day and while hunting a man shot him. Now I won’t go on about how if you have a scope you should be able to tell the difference between a man and a dog. But hey, that’s a different issue. A man was shot, but on top of that, he was one of our own, not a faceless voice on the phone. A 30-06 to the lower back is bad. I am so proud of my friend and co-dispatcher that took the call that day. I don’t know that I could have held up as well, especially when he asked to leave the recorded message for his fiancé.

Earl survived that day, and the next, and the days after that. He is alive today, and he created a video that is an inspiration I wanted to share.

Here is what he wrote about his video:

I created this video with the input of a few close friends. When I began making this I wanted to show not only my progression, but to remind us all life isn’t fair sometimes and we all make the choice between bitter or better whatever the situation. This week six years ago would be the beginning of my first full week of PT after a bullet broke four vertebrae in my lower back, leaving my right leg partially paralyzed.

The goals: to walk again unassisted and regain strength.

Most of you already know the story. This time I wanted to share some videos I have never shown before. The video and pictures in the hospital setting were taken in Harborview Medical Center. The pictures of where the bullet exited and is healing were after I returned home.

I will say I’m thankful for all the people I have met along the way who I would have never had the opportunity of meeting if I had never been shot.

Probably the most profound statement that affects me today is this. While in Harborview I was in an amount of pain no scale can measure. Having a poor little pity party for myself I was complaining about the situation I was in and how it wasn’t fair. It just so happened the lead resident for surgery was in my room. He said you need to understand your on the 7th floor, and everyone one floor below you are newly paralyzed. He said you may not be able to run again, but you will walk again. You may not be able to do some of the things you did before, but you will be able to do a lot of things you did before and you’ll have the opportunity to learn new things. It won’t be a quick process, but you’ll get there.

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”
-John Wooden

–       Earl Romig 2/25/14

You can watch his video here:

Snack Packs

Snack Packs

This last year has brought many changes for our family.  One major adjustment our family is still working on is diet. This is more of a struggle for me than the rest of my family. Having always struggled with my weight in the opposite direction of most, I’ve always been able to eat anything I wanted, plus regularly drinking breakfast shakes to add calories. Now I know this sounds ridiculous to many, I’ve heard it all. My mother actually always told me growing up to “just wait, when your metabolism slows down you’ll be as big as a house”. Thanks mom. But really this is something I struggled with to an extreme growing up. In fact, as a sophomore in high school I was 5’8” and 86 lbs. So, yeah, that’s awkward. I remember my gym teacher actually calling my dad to say I had an eating disorder and to watch me for at least 30 minutes before and after meals.  I was goofy looking. Now, after aging a bit, having a kid, and slowing down, I’m a bit more average.  I’ll be 30 next year, and though I’m still thin, I notice that if I eat junky I feel junky. Plus, this last year hubby was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and this means that our son may have a higher risk of diabetes as well.

With these factors in mind I’ve been working on doing better with having healthy snacks readily available. The catch is eating like crap is cheap, eating healthy can be more expensive. So with this in mind I’ve been working on diabetic and kid friendly snacks.


Snack grab bags:

Sunday is my prep day, so I sit down with a box of sandwich bags and make pre-packed snacks. I keep a Tupperware container in the fridge with pre-made baby carrot snack packs. We could probably save more by cutting up carrots, but convenience wins out on this.  Popcorn is another great snack that works great for the kiddo, but is also a great sugar free snack for hubby.

DSC_0513  DSC_0514

Here are a few of my go-to snacks:



Sliced bell peppers (not so much for kiddo)

Dried fruit – bananas, apples, pears, whatever’s on sale

For those looking to meal plan for diabetes, or to make better food choices in general, here are some great tidbits I’ve found in my searching.

fruit  seafood  vegies

These charts were found on the FDA website:

You can download them here:

vegetable nutritious facts

sea food nutritious facts

fruit nutritious facts

I also found a site that lets you enter your recipes and it will give you nutritious facts on what you enter.

If you have any kid friendly diabetic meals I’d love to hear about them.

Redneck woman, I ain’t no high class broad

Redneck woman, I ain’t no high class broad







This is the first week that hubby is working out of town. Actually last night was the 1st night, and let me indulge you in the mess I made….

I get home from work all “I am woman hear me roar” like and I gear up to take care of the “farm” chores. Fairly nice out, a slight breeze, but not too windy. I should have taken a picture, but then I probably wouldn’t have shared given I looked like a goober. Here I am still in my office clothes, so I have my work slacks tucked into my mid-calf muck boots, they’re really cute as far as muck books go, I splurged on these cute Bogg boots. Anyway, so slacks tucked in, Carhart coat on, with my sweater hanging out underneath, and a pink hat and scarf. I must have been something to see. I’m going about the chores feeding and watering rabbits and dogs, no biggy. When I get to the chicken coop, I had to pause.

It totally freaks me out to have chickens above my head!


I run in real quick covering my head with the bag I used to collect water bottles for the rabbits, check to make sure they have enough water, but of course the food is low. I run back out, and of course now that I’m taking care of the freaky animals the wind kicks up so now I’m fighting to keep the coop door closed to keep the dogs out, but still reaching in so I can fill the feed thing. Screw eggs! Hubby can deal with those when he gets home. I’m guessing they froze overnight anyway.

Now that I’m back in the house I let the dogs all in because the storm is getting bad. Plus my son’s dog is a wussy  who is scared of the dark and has been barking at the door since the sun went down. And is doing it again now, BLAH!

Anyway, so after the storm quiets down and I’m about to go to bed I figure, “hey, I’ll be nice and let the dogs out a minute to take care of business, maybe throw a stick for them”. So here I am in my socks & PJs standing on the front step yelling at dogs and thowing a stick, looking like some redneck momma, when I notice hubby’s hunting dog is MIA. So I go over to where I last saw him (in my socks) and yell for him. All of a sudden I see him act like he just got caught, and take off across the street! In fairness this dog doesn’t like me much, but hey, I was throwing a stick! So now I’m yelling at him to come. Dog looks at me and RUNS!!!! Seriously, in this I dare you to catch me style through the brush and mud. Like the redneck I’m currently portraying I start chasing him down the road, yes still in my socks! Its 30 out mind you, no coat, and socks. I make it about ¼ a mile down the road yelling at him. To make matters worse, we give our pets people names, so I’m looking like a crazed redneck running after and yelling at Hank. At this time I realize, wow I’m out of shape, and its dark and I can’t see anything. So I run back and try to find hubby’s spot light, wouldn’t that have just added to the picture. Couldn’t find it though, and I called hubby to tell him I lost his prized hunting dog. Again. But this time I feel extra bad, and I’m pretty certain I just sentenced his dog to death by coyote pack. Turns out, no, he went to a neighbors a couple miles over and they called Hubby.

So here I am lying in bed, sons asleep, and I’ve given up. I get a text from hubby to meet the neighbor man at the gas station a couple miles away.


So in my no makeup, bed head, and dragging a half dressed kid from bed state of redneck, I head to the gas station to get a dog that hates me. Don’t worry this time I found a leash! No more running from me.  At this point, Hank has a permanent companion, the leash, and he is staying in the dog kennel.



1 day down, 3+ weeks to go……

PS. Check out my projects page, I’ve added a few free printables. Project season is starting, stay tuned, I’m planning out my office/craft room space.

A valentines weekend to remember.

A valentines weekend to remember.





May I start by saying my hubby was awesome and got me a beautiful necklace with our son’s birthstone. With that said, I’ve decided that once you hit that age between “our sweet baby”, and “thank God we don’t have to pay daycare anymore”, you have the death point of romantic valentines alone. Now there are a few exceptions for this, however it’s not us.

To paint a picture of how valentines went for my home, let me start by saying hubby’s Grandma turned 80 on valentine’s days, and my sister in-law had her birthday the day after. So Saturday we met up with the entire Wolther clan, and then went to a nice dinner for Grandma’s birthday. I was impressed; normally my father in-law tries to do this on her birthday. Now in years past we’ve gone, and felt incredibly guilty for invading a nice restaurant on valentines with a table full of under 5. This year, we went Saturday, but still it was a table of 22, and 7 were 6 and under. 4 of which NEVER eat out. Kudos to hubby for getting us there a few minutes before the other parents. We were able to get the end of the table with the adults, handed our son my cell phone to play games, and not a peep from our crew. I do have to admit though, past experience had me very concerned with this dinner, and may have even encouraged a few pre-funk drinks and one as soon as I was seated at the table. The kids were all great! I was shocked!!!! No screaming tantrums, no yelling, no fighting, I was impressed. I know that was partly due to the staff, we warned beforehand. They were prepared with actual coloring books and crayons. Good coloring books too. I think there was strawberry shortcake, ninja turtles, dinosaurs, and bubble guppies or something. It kept the kids happy and quiet.

After dinner we took my brother in-laws kids so he could spoil his wife for her birthday. I have one son, that’s it. I more or less fall into the “where’s your mommy” aspect of caring for other’s kids. So you can imagine taking on their two kids had me a bit nervous. Hubby would be home though, and no way was he ditching me. We had an agreement. Now keep in mind, they have always been awesome about being willing to watch our son especially for short notice, our daycare lady is sick type days. So obviously I was more than willing to return the favor, just nervous. Plus they have a girl. A girl I usually keep preoccupied letting her examine whatever necklace and rings I happen to be wearing. That only works for so long.

Anyway, I made a deal with Hubby, if he would be DD for dinner, I’d take on the kid stuff once we got back to the house. PJs, story time, “hey stay in bed”, the works. Seemed like a great plan. For Christmas I made our son a giant tent fire station, so I agreed the kids could camp out in the fire station in the living room as long as they were good and went to sleep. Yeah, fire station did not last long. The girl was kicked out 1st, couldn’t stay on her own side & leave the boys alone. My son was evicted next, couldn’t handle not talking. The last one made it all of 2 minutes and he was kicked out too. So now I had, a little girl in the recliner, my son in his bed, and my nephew on the couch. I felt like the hall monitor pacing the house making sure no one was up running around. I made it to bed about 930. Seemed pretty good to me, until I couldn’t sleep. I think I was too concerned about someone getting up and getting into something, mainly little missy as she has food allergies out the ying yang, and last thing I needed was a sick little girl that’s barely potty trained.


So 6 am rolls around and tada! Everyones awake. Good Morning! In all fairness I planned to get up around then anyway. My father in-law was bringing my hubby’s uncle and aunt over to see our new house, and that man doesn’t understand the idea of acceptable morning hours. I have found him at my house before 5am more times than I’d like to remember. The most recent of which my grandma was sleeping in my living room and he let 2 dogs run around all crazy on hard wood floor, but I digress.

So anyway, we’re up, figuring out a milk free, gluten free, diabetic appropriate, and kid friendly breakfast. Blah! But I’m going, “I got this”. And I did. Hubby took care of dishes, while I made scrambled eggs, sausage patties, and bananas. I even thought about taking a picture to prove we rocked it. I decided that may be a bit much. The day actually went pretty good, even managed to get 2 down for rest, and a certain little girl to nap! Who-Rah! Now I will admit, I have not dealt with the newly potty trained in a couple years, so I forgot to keep asking her if she needed to go potty, or ask her to try. Should have, because pretty soon hubby asks me if she always changes her clothes that much, and why she felt the need to take off her panties in the living room. Hint hint, take care of girly problems wifey. I rush in, turns out she copped a squat on our chair hovering over the crack between chair and ottoman, and I now had a wet mess to clean up. Her mom was awesome enough to send a couple outfits, so between that, towels, and carpet cleaner, we were good.

In the end, I may have had toys everywhere, marbles in a humidifier, a blanket on my French doors blocking out sun, and a fire station in my living room, but I learned that I have a pretty awesome hubby who helped me keep my sanity, and I’m probably not equipped for twins.

DSC_0510 DSC_0509

Mommy Ikey Day


When I think back on my childhood there are a few things that stand out. One of which was Homestead Hunting. Basically this was my grandpa, dad, and I, driving around the county hiking out to old homesteads and taking pictures. One of the great things about the wheat farmers in the area was that they all had old farm houses or barns on their land somewhere and as long as they knew you, they didn’t mind you hiking out to take pictures. Well, as long as you were careful. Translation, don’t die on their property.

Now most of those old homesteads have fallen down, and the ones still standing I’m just not gutsy enough to go traipsing through with a 5 year old. But hockey, now that’s a thing a boy and his mom can bond over.



This weekend was Mommy Ikey time. A friend and I took our sons to Chuck E Cheese and a hockey game. For me, hockey is the one sport I love, a bit barbaric maybe, but great fun. Turns out my son thinks it’s great too. I will admit I’ve had my moments of questioning the appropriateness of the sport for a young boy. The 1st game we took him to we sat right next to the penalty box and he harassed the opposing team members that got stuck in the box. At one point some of the players started to fight and my son jumped up and yells “fighting, yeah!” and throws a couple air punches. Turns out the weekend or so before my sister let him play a boxing game on Xbox Kinect. This time around he tells me he wants to play hockey too. He also says that he wants to get in trouble like those guys “I’d be great!” Hmmmm……


The funny part is my son is very non-aggressive. He doesn’t fight with kids, and actually I’ve had to tell his daycare provider to not step in if he gets picked on unless it becomes bad, he needs to figure out to solve the issue or stand up for himself in some way. Now mind you, his tormentor is 2. Getting picked on means the 2 year old is sitting on him. He’s the negotiator. His cousin used to take his toys, so Ike would start playing with something random until his cousin would take it away and run off, then Ike would go play with what he was actually interested in. Or he would trade.  So the idea that my son finds the aggression of hockey fun doesn’t worry me as much as I feel like it should.


By the way, I rocked the Red White and Blue – Go Tri-City Americans!


The other great part of my weekend was the morning after our Mommy Ikey day. It had snowed a few inches overnight so we had our first family sledding. I think we may have taken him once as a baby, but this was his first real time of sledding. Thanks to my big sis forgetting their sled at our house we even had a perfect sled to use. Turns out an irrigation pond makes for a great sledding hill. Not too big, not too small, and not too steep. Hearing him yell from the bottom of the hill to go again just topped my weekend, and totally makes up for the lacking winter we’ve had this year.

DSC_0405 DSC_0411 DSC_0426 DSC_0432 DSC_0454

After Sledding we made valentines cookies. Turns out we didn’t have any powdered sugar, and the fake sugar we did have, well that doesn’t make great frosting. After my son heard me tell hubby that he wouldn’t like it, Ike starting making a huge fuss about how “dist-gussing” it is. Hey the dane obviously thought it was great, she ate the whole plate full, thank you very much!

DSC_0486 DSC_0505


The Week’s Life Notes


  1. Dirt smells like mold or well, dirt. Now this may sound obvious, but apparently I’m not always so observant. Off and on the last few days I’ve been thinking something smelled moldy. I inspected the bread, tossed my can of coke, and at one point just figured I was imagining it. Then it occurred to me that, wait for it…… the seed starter tray was set on my dinner table. You’d think I’d move it, but alas, no. I’ve thought about it, yet there it sits. Bringing me to point 2.
  2. If when starting seeds your child wants to grow something out of season, re-direct him. I now have very tall radish plants and I’m not too sure what I want to do with them.



3.   Come February, all of January’s great intentions go out the window. I’m lucky with my job, at Christmas I get several paid days off (24th through 2nd), plus I usually burn up the last of my vacation (use it or lose it). As a result I get to be stay at home mom for that time (hubby only as the actual holidays off).  I get organized, the house stays in great shape, I get crafts done, it’s great. Then I go back to work, and it tends to go right out the window. All cleaning is done on the weekend along with all the laundry which is usually either worn or put away by Wednesday. This is also partly due to point 4.

4.     It’s cold! As in 5 degrees, and that’s Fahrenheit. Plus add in the wind chill and according to the news it has been between -8 and -28. Any idea how hard it is to stay motivated when its that cold and everyone in the house but you goes to bed by 8? Let me tell you how much I’ve gotten done lately. Minimal.


Here’s a funny to get you through your day:


12th Man or Woman in this case

The Super Bowl was Sunday and like most Seahawks fans, I was watching. I was party hosting! We had just a small gathering, but sometimes a girl just likes to indulge her party decorating side. I live and work in a man’s world, so sometimes I feel the need to girl it up. Which in this case meant color coordinating plates, napkins, and straws, and making fun utensil holders and VIP pass souvenirs for the kids. Actually, after somewhere around 7 years of having Photoshop I’ve finally taken the time to figure it out and do more detailed projects. So, I combined multiple “borrowed” internet images for my own use and printed a VIP pass for the kids attending. I’m still really quite impressed with myself, and at the time so excited about my new found skill I pressured my sister into using it for her party as well.  Now I’ve made it sound like I went overboard, but I really didn’t. Unless you consider the fact that the “party” was actually only my brother in-law, his wife, and 2 kids. So here are a couple pictures of my fun to prove I was well within the range to avoid dirty looks from hubby.

CAM00365 CAM00367

I think I also scored extra good wife points by stopping by the Seattle Pro Shop to buy him a new Seahawks shirt and the Super Bowl program. I tried for a few other items for game day too, but you should have seen this place. If it had been a bar it would have been shut down for overcrowding. This beat the Victoria’s Secret store during a big sale and Black Friday combined. Ladies you get the idea. Only it was mainly big guys, and over perfumed women. So, maybe not so different.  I really can’t think of a good comparison, but I’m sure you get the idea. Personal space was out the window. And there was not a 12th man flag to be found. Well I lie; there was a random sketchy guy on the side of the road selling flags for more than I had left in cash by the end of the day.


If hubby reads this I doubt he’ll appreciate the not so flattering image, but hey, not my fault he needs a tan.

Love you babe!