12th Man or Woman in this case

The Super Bowl was Sunday and like most Seahawks fans, I was watching. I was party hosting! We had just a small gathering, but sometimes a girl just likes to indulge her party decorating side. I live and work in a man’s world, so sometimes I feel the need to girl it up. Which in this case meant color coordinating plates, napkins, and straws, and making fun utensil holders and VIP pass souvenirs for the kids. Actually, after somewhere around 7 years of having Photoshop I’ve finally taken the time to figure it out and do more detailed projects. So, I combined multiple “borrowed” internet images for my own use and printed a VIP pass for the kids attending. I’m still really quite impressed with myself, and at the time so excited about my new found skill I pressured my sister into using it for her party as well.  Now I’ve made it sound like I went overboard, but I really didn’t. Unless you consider the fact that the “party” was actually only my brother in-law, his wife, and 2 kids. So here are a couple pictures of my fun to prove I was well within the range to avoid dirty looks from hubby.

CAM00365 CAM00367

I think I also scored extra good wife points by stopping by the Seattle Pro Shop to buy him a new Seahawks shirt and the Super Bowl program. I tried for a few other items for game day too, but you should have seen this place. If it had been a bar it would have been shut down for overcrowding. This beat the Victoria’s Secret store during a big sale and Black Friday combined. Ladies you get the idea. Only it was mainly big guys, and over perfumed women. So, maybe not so different.  I really can’t think of a good comparison, but I’m sure you get the idea. Personal space was out the window. And there was not a 12th man flag to be found. Well I lie; there was a random sketchy guy on the side of the road selling flags for more than I had left in cash by the end of the day.


If hubby reads this I doubt he’ll appreciate the not so flattering image, but hey, not my fault he needs a tan.

Love you babe!


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