The Week’s Life Notes


  1. Dirt smells like mold or well, dirt. Now this may sound obvious, but apparently I’m not always so observant. Off and on the last few days I’ve been thinking something smelled moldy. I inspected the bread, tossed my can of coke, and at one point just figured I was imagining it. Then it occurred to me that, wait for it…… the seed starter tray was set on my dinner table. You’d think I’d move it, but alas, no. I’ve thought about it, yet there it sits. Bringing me to point 2.
  2. If when starting seeds your child wants to grow something out of season, re-direct him. I now have very tall radish plants and I’m not too sure what I want to do with them.



3.   Come February, all of January’s great intentions go out the window. I’m lucky with my job, at Christmas I get several paid days off (24th through 2nd), plus I usually burn up the last of my vacation (use it or lose it). As a result I get to be stay at home mom for that time (hubby only as the actual holidays off).  I get organized, the house stays in great shape, I get crafts done, it’s great. Then I go back to work, and it tends to go right out the window. All cleaning is done on the weekend along with all the laundry which is usually either worn or put away by Wednesday. This is also partly due to point 4.

4.     It’s cold! As in 5 degrees, and that’s Fahrenheit. Plus add in the wind chill and according to the news it has been between -8 and -28. Any idea how hard it is to stay motivated when its that cold and everyone in the house but you goes to bed by 8? Let me tell you how much I’ve gotten done lately. Minimal.


Here’s a funny to get you through your day:



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