Mommy Ikey Day


When I think back on my childhood there are a few things that stand out. One of which was Homestead Hunting. Basically this was my grandpa, dad, and I, driving around the county hiking out to old homesteads and taking pictures. One of the great things about the wheat farmers in the area was that they all had old farm houses or barns on their land somewhere and as long as they knew you, they didn’t mind you hiking out to take pictures. Well, as long as you were careful. Translation, don’t die on their property.

Now most of those old homesteads have fallen down, and the ones still standing I’m just not gutsy enough to go traipsing through with a 5 year old. But hockey, now that’s a thing a boy and his mom can bond over.



This weekend was Mommy Ikey time. A friend and I took our sons to Chuck E Cheese and a hockey game. For me, hockey is the one sport I love, a bit barbaric maybe, but great fun. Turns out my son thinks it’s great too. I will admit I’ve had my moments of questioning the appropriateness of the sport for a young boy. The 1st game we took him to we sat right next to the penalty box and he harassed the opposing team members that got stuck in the box. At one point some of the players started to fight and my son jumped up and yells “fighting, yeah!” and throws a couple air punches. Turns out the weekend or so before my sister let him play a boxing game on Xbox Kinect. This time around he tells me he wants to play hockey too. He also says that he wants to get in trouble like those guys “I’d be great!” Hmmmm……


The funny part is my son is very non-aggressive. He doesn’t fight with kids, and actually I’ve had to tell his daycare provider to not step in if he gets picked on unless it becomes bad, he needs to figure out to solve the issue or stand up for himself in some way. Now mind you, his tormentor is 2. Getting picked on means the 2 year old is sitting on him. He’s the negotiator. His cousin used to take his toys, so Ike would start playing with something random until his cousin would take it away and run off, then Ike would go play with what he was actually interested in. Or he would trade.  So the idea that my son finds the aggression of hockey fun doesn’t worry me as much as I feel like it should.


By the way, I rocked the Red White and Blue – Go Tri-City Americans!


The other great part of my weekend was the morning after our Mommy Ikey day. It had snowed a few inches overnight so we had our first family sledding. I think we may have taken him once as a baby, but this was his first real time of sledding. Thanks to my big sis forgetting their sled at our house we even had a perfect sled to use. Turns out an irrigation pond makes for a great sledding hill. Not too big, not too small, and not too steep. Hearing him yell from the bottom of the hill to go again just topped my weekend, and totally makes up for the lacking winter we’ve had this year.

DSC_0405 DSC_0411 DSC_0426 DSC_0432 DSC_0454

After Sledding we made valentines cookies. Turns out we didn’t have any powdered sugar, and the fake sugar we did have, well that doesn’t make great frosting. After my son heard me tell hubby that he wouldn’t like it, Ike starting making a huge fuss about how “dist-gussing” it is. Hey the dane obviously thought it was great, she ate the whole plate full, thank you very much!

DSC_0486 DSC_0505



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