Best late excuse – sorry cops were searching my house.


So my internet has been down, but it is up just in time for me to tell my crazy running late for work story. So here goes. Deputies don’t drive around our area very often, so yesterday morning I was a bit surprised when I saw one drive by, then a little annoyed that he drove through my property treating it like a personal turn around. But hey whatever. So I take my son to the babysitter and realize I left my cell at home, then didn’t tell her or get her phone number again. Living just down the road I decided to rush home and get it. Like anyone living in the country (and some city dwellers), I left the truck running and ran inside to grab by phone. As I’m coming out a deputy is pulling in. Now I know something is up, but at the same time, I’m struggling to care as we are shorthanded at work, I’ve got a gal from our CA branch there to meet with me, and I’m already going to be late. So as politely as possible, I slow down to see what the deputy has to say.

Here’s how this goes:

Deputy: “You look like your leaving, have you been here all morning?”

Me:  “for the most part, but I left just a bit ago and took my son to daycare, but forgot my phone.”

Deputy: “well, we have a really bad guy running loose right now and we suspect he is trying to find a place to hide and a vehicle to steal”.

Me: “so, leaving my pickup running with my purse in the front seat while I run inside, probably not the best plan”.

Deputy: (eye’s rolling) “No. Do you ever leave your doors unlocked?”

I must have made a funny face (I’m no poker player), because he does this exasperated eye roll with a “you leave your doors unlocked” – more of an accusation this time.

Me: “well the back door to the laundry room, but there are 3 big dogs in there, so I highly doubt he made it in”.

Deputy: “We have reason to believe he is hiding in your house, would you like us to check it?”

Now this seems to be a pretty big leap, but given hubby was going to be working out of town and I would be coming home alone with a 5 year old in tow……

Me: “well, alright, I should at least lock the door, your welcome to do a walk through”.

I go in real quick, and my inner bad ass is going I’ll  just check the rooms myself real quick – if I let the dogs out its going to be this big stop harassing the deputies (there are 2 now), don’t lick, don’t knock them over, yada yada yada. At the same time my brain quickly touches on that I have a pistol hidden nearby, but the deputy is standing right there and that seems inappropriate. I figure if there is a bad guy, one scream and the Great Dane eats the bad guy and cops come running in. I say “I’ll just peak in and lock the back door real quick”. I failed to mention that the laundry room leads to more of the house.

Me: (as I come back) “Well, I locked the door, and there doesn’t appear to be anyone hiding in the back bedroom or bathroom, or anything”.

Deputy: (serious eye roll) “you checked the rooms yourself?”

Me: “yes, their clear, however, you are welcome to check around the property outside, I don’t think anyone would hide in the chicken coop, but feel free to check around”. My mind touches on the hidden pistol again, but that still seems weird to get out with the deputy standing there, plus I’m sure picking up a gun while in the presence of the deputy would definitely slow down my progress of getting to work.

At this point, the local farmers are pulling into my driveway and I’m still going, I’m totally going to be late. I do a quick introduction, and everyone was nice enough to move trucks for me. I called the gal down the road and let her know what I was told – “stay in side, bald white bad guy hiding in the corn field”. Turns out she knew too. So I tell hubby, who is now not so happy being away, but gets the full story from the other neighbor after I hung up.

So here’s the outline:

Turns out the neighbors son was moving out and the night before had loaded up his guns, TV, and misc stuff in his truck. The next morning he goes to leave, and this guy is steeling the stuff in his truck. So the neighbor’s son takes off chasing the guy on foot into the cornfield boarding our property. After losing track of him the neighbor goes back to his house and finds 3 guys in a car have arrived and are trying to take off with his stuff. Deputies arrive about this time and chase the 3 guys in the car, who in turn roll their car. Deputies found a bunch of master keys, slim jims, and other paraphernalia. Those bad guys get arrested (guess they also punched the ignition on another vehicle in the area).

Later in the afternoon I hear from my neighbor’s dad (whom I work with) that they caught the bald guy. Turns out the irrigation district worker was going by and stopped to ask what all the commotion was about, so my neighbor tells the story. Irrigation guy goes “no way, a guy matching that description just walked out of the corn field and is walking down the road right now!” so my neighbor drives down to see if he is still there and calls one of the city officers directly. My neighbor gets flagged down by bad guy who asks to borrow his cell charger! Needless to say, neighbor says no, and the city cop arrives and detains bad guy until deputies arrive.

So there is the craziness of yesterday morning. Lesson learned: locks doors, and perhaps leave dogs out.

Country Livin’ & Sweet Tea

Country Livin’ & Sweet Tea



Like most families mine started out in this country as immigrants who gradually migrated across the country. So as a result I’ve inherited traditions from countrywide. And there are something’s I’ve picked up from others that I just loved and have adopted. So I thought I’d give a quick rundown of the country traditions that I love and think we could all incorporate a bit more.


  1. Holding the door – you still see this, but it seems like its fading out. Hold the damn door open whether you know the person or not, it’s just the polite thing to do!
  2.  Sir/Ma’am – I know some say this makes them feel old, but it’s a respect thing. I for one am trying to make sure my son learns this well. And you can be sure if I give him an order I better get a yes ma’am in response. Maybe that’s the military background in me.
  3. Sitting on the porch – this is just a great place to build relationships, and for me, it’s better than TV any day.
  4. Waving to your neighbor – we live in the country in an area where you probably know the person driving by, so we wave. Driving home you wave at the passing driver, odds are they’re a neighbor. My son always asks if we know them, and sometimes we do or don’t, but I just tell him if we don’t we probably will soon.
  5. Tea – I love my sweet tea, it’s a summer addiction. Hubby goes for the sun tea, but either way we’re a tea family.
  6. Bless your/their heart – best phrase ever! Back in the day I felt the f bomb could cover a multitude of situations, but this is way better, covers most of the same situations, but with a little class. This is my go-to mom phrase.
  7. BBQ – goes right there with the porch and tea.


So, for those looking for a good sweet tea recipe, here you go:


6 cups water – bring to boil


1 cup sugar – add to boiling water, and let boil a minute or two. Stir so the sugar dissolves.


Remove from heat and add 4 regular size tea bags – you can mix them around a bit, but basically let brew for 20 minutes.


Pour tea into tea container, and add approximately 2 cups cold water. Mix. We use an 8 cup mason jar for our teas; actually we use them for most everything. Best storage containers ever!

DSC_0113 DSC_0118 DSC_0119