Country Livin’ & Sweet Tea



Like most families mine started out in this country as immigrants who gradually migrated across the country. So as a result I’ve inherited traditions from countrywide. And there are something’s I’ve picked up from others that I just loved and have adopted. So I thought I’d give a quick rundown of the country traditions that I love and think we could all incorporate a bit more.


  1. Holding the door – you still see this, but it seems like its fading out. Hold the damn door open whether you know the person or not, it’s just the polite thing to do!
  2.  Sir/Ma’am – I know some say this makes them feel old, but it’s a respect thing. I for one am trying to make sure my son learns this well. And you can be sure if I give him an order I better get a yes ma’am in response. Maybe that’s the military background in me.
  3. Sitting on the porch – this is just a great place to build relationships, and for me, it’s better than TV any day.
  4. Waving to your neighbor – we live in the country in an area where you probably know the person driving by, so we wave. Driving home you wave at the passing driver, odds are they’re a neighbor. My son always asks if we know them, and sometimes we do or don’t, but I just tell him if we don’t we probably will soon.
  5. Tea – I love my sweet tea, it’s a summer addiction. Hubby goes for the sun tea, but either way we’re a tea family.
  6. Bless your/their heart – best phrase ever! Back in the day I felt the f bomb could cover a multitude of situations, but this is way better, covers most of the same situations, but with a little class. This is my go-to mom phrase.
  7. BBQ – goes right there with the porch and tea.


So, for those looking for a good sweet tea recipe, here you go:


6 cups water – bring to boil


1 cup sugar – add to boiling water, and let boil a minute or two. Stir so the sugar dissolves.


Remove from heat and add 4 regular size tea bags – you can mix them around a bit, but basically let brew for 20 minutes.


Pour tea into tea container, and add approximately 2 cups cold water. Mix. We use an 8 cup mason jar for our teas; actually we use them for most everything. Best storage containers ever!

DSC_0113 DSC_0118 DSC_0119


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