I made apple sauce!

I made apple sauce!


I have this goal to start using foods more completely and even start eating foods that I would normally view as not bad, but not good. We live in prime agriculture area, and fresh produce is really easy to come by at low cost to free.

Recently I was given a large amount of of freshly harvested apples. My family goes through a lot of store bought applesauce, and my son loves the applesauce pouchesfor lunches.  I decided to turn the extra apples into homemade applesauce.

Problem #1: I’ve never made applesauce before.

Problem #2: I’ve never canned before.

Canning was always done by my grandma, and she’s not here to do it for me. I looked around for an adultier adult and came up empty handed, so it was up to me. I found an old family “recipe” if that’s what you can call, a list of mix a bit of this and that together and can.

I used my son as my taste tester. I don’t eat applesauce, it’s a texture thing. Not something I expect to get over anytime soon. It actually turned out great. According to my son “it tastes just like the stores”. I figure that’s a 10 coming from a kid that can taste the difference between brands of peanut butter.

So, for all those looking for an easy – I’ve never done this before recipe, here it is. I’ve lso included fruit mixes that I made for lunches.

Plain Applesauce:

Peel and quarter apples. I did enough to fill a medium sized sauce pan about 2 inches from the top. Fill about half way up the fruit with water, and boil. My son like a little more texture to his aplesauce, so I cooked the apples until they were soft enough I could push a wood spoon through them. Then I poured the apple mixture (including liquid) into my blender, and blended until the consistency desired. This is where my taste tester came in handy. I took samples from the mix and cooled it in the freezer for testing. Can using water bath method. Directions below for those like me.


Mixed berry applesauce:

Peel and quarter apples, then top strawberries and add berries (about ½ as much as you have apples) to the pot, and fill about half way with water. Cook until apples are soft enough to push wood spoon through, softer if you like it with less texture. Poor mixture into blender and blend to desired consistency. Water bath can when done. You can also freeze or refriderage right away if preferred.


Water bath canning:

  1. Fill jars about 1 inch from the top
  2. Wipe rim jar clean with papertowel, same with lid.
  3. Close jar and place in waterbath canner. Make sure jar is deep enough so lid is covered by 1-2 inches of water.
  4. Boil approximately 15 minutes

Remove and let cool. Jars will seal as they cool. You may hear a pop, you might not.