Valentines and Blue Berries

I’m not sure if after 10 years of marriage your view of a good valentines day date changes, or if as a couple, my hubby and I never had a traditional take on valentine’s day. But for me, this years was probably the best!

We started our valentines weekend with a family trip to Prosser where a berry farmer was selling off his field. As we were getting to the Sunny Side area, my son pointed out that “Uncle DJ” lives in the area. That was actually quite lucky for me. Digging berry plants with a 30 pound baby on your back would probably suck. DJ was awesome enough to take my place & let me be Mom with a camera.

We initally planned to get 20 plants, dug up 21, and decided to round it out to 25. Now we figure some wont do well with the transplant, but even if 1/2 die, we will have around 12 bushes. Thats more berries than I anticipated, but I’m sure they won’t go to waste.

We spent Valentine’s day afternoon transplanting the bushes, which leads me to my highlight (2nd to having a best friend over earlier in the day). Hubby taught me to drive a backhoe! I don’t have a picture, but it was awesome. Given the last tracter I drove I ended up banned from. In fairness, those gas tanks were plenty far away. The giant wood chip pile between us stopped me before we collieded.

Once the sun went down it was movie night. And nothing says happy valentine’s day like a Leathal Weapon marathon. It was the perfect end to the weekend.


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