Bummer Lamb

Bummer Lamb

The saga of the bottle lamb continues.

I have heard bottle fed lambs be called “bummer lambs”, and never thought much of it. Until this past year I’d never raised lambs before. With this lamb, I’ve learned some things, mainly why they are called bummer lambs.


Here’s the thing. I like hooved animals…. outside. But this guy pulls at my heart strings. Maybe it’s that I’m a mom now, or maybe it’s that my toddler calls him “my baby” and has stopped asking me about our dog that passed on last week. Either way, I have a hard time kicking him out. Look how he adopted our lab.

This weekend we put him out with the other lambs, it was so depressing. His mom didn’t seem to recognize him and all the sheep acted like he was, well… the black sheep. It was sadly horrible and funny to watch. Here is this 2 week old lamb trying to make friends with chickens – they were not impressed. When that failed he tried to make friends with the goats (they couldn’t run off – they were penned up in the bard). The goats just rammed the panel between them, sending him back to chickens for comfort. Chickens are unsurprisingly not into lambs and therefore little comfort to the bummer lamb.

With this in mind, my main goal this past weekend was to make my house not smell like urine. I am the queen of my castle overrun with boys. My husband is the only male in the house I don’t think is making our house smell like pee. Who knows, I could be wrong hahaha.

My oldest, is pretty good, but I still regularly yell “LIFT UP THE SEAT!” My youngest is smack in the middle of potty training so he’s that kid right now. You know, the one always in sweat pants that regularly smells like pee. I have an old lab that it’s a crap shoot if he will make it outside – thankfully he is respectful enough that if he has an accident it’s on the concrete at the back door – but STILL! On top of these, we have “my baby” off and on still in the house. The dang place had a heck of a go last week, and needed a full disinfecting.

Turns out the training pads for large dog breeds work pretty well, and they have scent lock. However, I’m pretty sure my pac ‘n play is now a barn tool. Don’t judge – baby goes back to the barn to make friends during the day. He’s actually doing better. His sister is starting to be more gutsy and stray from mom enough to play. Mom is not impressed with the small lamb that smells like dog and can’t seem to understand why her daughter keeps trying to play with him. Even with starting to integrate back into the herd, his loyalty is still at the house. As soon as he hears us or the dog he runs to greet us in hopes of coming along.

He’s gotten pretty good with the bottle, and we’re just about through the late night & early morning feedings, so he’s destined for barn nights.   He has been entertaining though. If he could be house broke he’d be even cuter.


Life Cycles

Life Cycles

On a farm you see life run full circle at a faster pace it seems than in a suburb. For the most part I love this, other days, it’s hard. Recently you have seen we have added to our farm in multiples, 3 new goats, and 2 new lambs (you can read it here if you missed the cute pictures).

This past weekend was both heart ache and joy. We lost a member that has been with us for over 7 years. Jemma was our great dane – a great play mate, pillow, friend, companion and baby. Though I would definitely consider her a gentle giant, I don’t think the mail man, UPS driver, FedEx driver, or any other delivery person would agree hahaha. She would stand up on her back legs and look down through the window at anyone she didn’t know, use her biggest bark and make sure they  knew they were being watched. I watched her turn a large bone into shards within seconds, and yet, she was as gentle as could be with the family.

The average life span of a great dane is about 6-8 years so we were aware and enjoying this past year. Since moving to our Dayton farm she had turned into a puppy again, climbing rock walls and chasing rabbits. She definitely lived each day to its doggy fullest.

The hard part is the kids. My oldest does not remember a time without her and she has been his dedicated movie night pillow since he was 2. He took it the hardest understandably. Our toddler is still trying to understand which leads to lovely awkward toddler conversations.

Toddler: “My dog died”

Mom: “yes”

Toddler: “Isaac died”

Mom: Yelling to down stairs – “Isaac”

Isaac: yelling – “yes”

Mom: “no, Isaac is not dead”

Toddler: “but dog died”

Mom: “okay new topic”

The house is adjusting, but the lab (another old man) is getting spoiled out of family sadness and he’s mopey so it makes everyone feel better to give him a scrap here and there. Jemma was his gateway dog before and without her he can’t get scraps off the counters or tables anymore.

Of this past weekend, the hardest part for me was that it was not a smooth process. In my head, knowing this day would come, I never thought about how to take care of the situation. Jemma was around 100 pounds and if standing like a person, over 6 feet tall. Her bed was upstairs. Hubby was out of town taking care of business, but had a friend come help me get her outside. Our home isn’t that large, and the kids were curious what was going on, as much as I tried to send them down stairs, it didn’t work for the youngest, and both ended up seeing the fiasco of me and another trying to carry her outside. My humor turns dark in bad situations and I felt guilty thinking how I could never get away with murder – and how the F do people move bodies!   To top it off, we were not the only family to think a good resting place would be under this large tree on the property. I don’t think the kids noticed, hubby was pretty discrete, but quickly had to expand the site the other direction.  – Needless to say, we needed a family outing distraction and went for root beer, beer, and wine.

However, where there is sadness there comes joy, and this weekend was no different. The following night 2 new lambs were born, a boy and a girl.

These two are pretty adorable, so that is an improvement to the weekend.  Mom is healthy and happy. Though they could not look anymore different, white mom, red boy, multi color girl. Looking for more names, so far we have suggestions of Honey for a red girl, and Whiskey for a red boy. Any votes or suggestions?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

New Farm Additions

New Farm Additions

Today we had two new additions to our farm, and I am on cloud 9! They are so adorable.

It’s twins – A new baby boy and baby girl. Mom is fairly healthy, though battling some mastitis.  She dealt with this last year as well, leading to slightly malnourished labs last year.  We will watch her closely to make sure the labs continue to feed, and have milk and bottles on hand in case needed. We call  Momma “Red”, and she is the guard sheep of our flock.

This past summer and fall we had problems with cougars bedding down and finding a home in our “habitat plot” (a stretch of trees boarding our hay field / pasture). Red was the fearless leader of the flock, leading the others away from trouble as needed and gathering the flock when danger was present. It was impressive to watch when she would go into protect mode – all business, head down, in command of the flock, directing the others. The others wouldn’t take a step unless she gave the approval.

This past weekend we also added three other new ladies: Rosie, Freckles, and Gina. These ladies are Angora Goats – producers of mohair. If you read my goal setting post, you may have seen I am looking at trying my hand at fiber processing. Hubby wanted goats to eat the yard trimmings his landscape business produces, so this was a perfect compromise.



So now we have sheep that look like goats, and goats that look like sheep! The goats are super friendly though, and from what I can tell will make great entry level show animals for the kids. For this type of goat, you don’t bathe or trim their hair, so for showing the boys would pull any hay out of their hair and be ready to go.

Jumping back to the lamb topic – We have between two and four more sheep left to lamb, we expect one to lamb sometime this next week. Any name suggestions for us? All in all, we expect to have 8 lambs this season.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

I don’t do resolutions, revolutions, or revelations. Well, maybe someday #2 or 3, but not today my friends, not today. – My life is just not that interesting.

However, I have an overall “bucket list” we’ll say, and each year I try to make sure I get a few checked off, and a few new added. Keep life interesting and such. Now I will admit, on my grand list I have a few odd things, the things I have no real purpose for doing or knowing, I’ve just always thought it would be cool to know I could.

One is spinning yarn. Now, no real purpose for this, but it seems like a really cool old world skill to have and maybe pass down generations. Here’s hoping for a granddaughter in future years – pretty sure my boys will skip out on this skill learning session. I’ve found a place with a few goats for sale, and hubby wants goats anyway. They have 3, and at first I thought, lets get one and try it out, but if you get one it needs a friend right? And for the cost of the two, I can get the  third for not much more….. I think we may be getting three harry goats – Angora Goats! But look at these guys, how cool and they should fit in great with sheep.

Sounds like I’ll have to learn to use a drop spindle, because after looking at prices for spinning wheels, I’ll hold off until I know I wont resell the goats for being too much to handle.

Another is making my goal list this year. How to hot wire a car. Now I feel a little late to the party, I’m well past the point of even using this for a good prank, but hey, it’s on my list – and I feel like I need to do this at least once before cars really get driving themselves and you can’t find anything to hot wire. On my larger list I also have “become proficient at lock picking”, again, no real use, and I probably watched too much MacGyver as a kid, but knowing I have these odd ball skills in my back pocket make me feel a little bad A.


FYI click the picture to read a short blog that’s pretty dang funny. 

Maybe one day my kid will lock something and I’ll be able to show off my super talent and leave him thinking I used to be a secret spy or something haha, I don’t know. Ooooo maybe for April Fools day I’ll pick a door lock hot wire a car and have my kid freaking out that I went crazy! Hahaha – maybe not, I don’t have being arrested or CPS on my list and I don’t want them added ahahaha. Welcome to my brain friends.

On my short list for this year I also have my boring stuff. Here is my short list:

  1. Yarn Spinning
  2. Learn to hot wire a car
  3. Make it through some Spanish levels for Rosetta Stone
  4. Try new veggies so I can decide on adding them to the garden – How the heck do you say kohlrabi – I’ll have to ask Google
  5. Take the kids to the pool once a week while its open – pray the oldest learns to swim
  6. Go camping 3 times – NOT for a hunting season reason
  7. Become proficient at lock picking – just talked myself into adding for this year – super secret non-spy mom – Watch out! (do you hear the James Bond music?)

spy mom

Super spy mom signing off. HAHAHAHAHA

PS – I’ll keep you posted on the hot wiring – I may be borrowing a dump truck from my hubby to try it out on.