New Farm Additions

Today we had two new additions to our farm, and I am on cloud 9! They are so adorable.

It’s twins – A new baby boy and baby girl. Mom is fairly healthy, though battling some mastitis.  She dealt with this last year as well, leading to slightly malnourished labs last year.  We will watch her closely to make sure the labs continue to feed, and have milk and bottles on hand in case needed. We call  Momma “Red”, and she is the guard sheep of our flock.

This past summer and fall we had problems with cougars bedding down and finding a home in our “habitat plot” (a stretch of trees boarding our hay field / pasture). Red was the fearless leader of the flock, leading the others away from trouble as needed and gathering the flock when danger was present. It was impressive to watch when she would go into protect mode – all business, head down, in command of the flock, directing the others. The others wouldn’t take a step unless she gave the approval.

This past weekend we also added three other new ladies: Rosie, Freckles, and Gina. These ladies are Angora Goats – producers of mohair. If you read my goal setting post, you may have seen I am looking at trying my hand at fiber processing. Hubby wanted goats to eat the yard trimmings his landscape business produces, so this was a perfect compromise.



So now we have sheep that look like goats, and goats that look like sheep! The goats are super friendly though, and from what I can tell will make great entry level show animals for the kids. For this type of goat, you don’t bathe or trim their hair, so for showing the boys would pull any hay out of their hair and be ready to go.

Jumping back to the lamb topic – We have between two and four more sheep left to lamb, we expect one to lamb sometime this next week. Any name suggestions for us? All in all, we expect to have 8 lambs this season.


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