The Bee Charmer

I’ve been wanting to write about hubby’s adventures in bee keeping (apiculture) for a while now. I don’t know anything about bees except that they don’t seem to have any interest in me. As far as I know, I’ve never been stung before, which I find a little odd. I’ve been bit by a wasp a couple times. I know it’s a bite because I puff up bad enough to see a mouth mark, it’s pretty crazy. I watched a fairly dumb movie a few years back called Jupiter Ascending. I won’t go into too much detail, but the idea is that the main character woman is a queen so bees won’t sting her because they can tell (the bee part is actually only a tiny clipit). My take – clearly, I’m a queen and they recognize it. HA, take that!

Anyway, back on topic. Hubby bought 3 hives from a local apiculturist. No background in bees, no mentor, just books, internet, and YouTube. Apparently, this was abnormal and the apiculturist seemed surprised and told hubby good luck.


About a week later Hubby’s crew was working at a job and wanted to shut down because of a swarm. Mr jump in with both feet, decides this is AWESOME, and clearly, he should go collect said swarm and re-home them at our place. Did you catch that part about being a beekeeper one week?????


He told me his plan, and he has our toddler home sick that day. I was out of town, so I ask him to at least make sure he has someone there that can call 911 in the disaster. He reaches out to a friend I work with and had him come over. Our friend is basically an extra adopted grandpa to the kids, and shares this infatuation with my husband.

Our friend was nice enough to video this insanity. I must say, the first video is the one that gets me. It’s pretty rough because it was texted to me, but watching this, you would think it was sometime prior to 1990. I love the “if it gets hairy” part.

I’m interested in having the honey. I’ve read a lot about the health benefits of home honey for allergies. Mine are awful, so I’m hopeful that this may help. I’m not sure yet where this bee thing will take us, but we now have 4 hives going successfully. After Hubby called the apiculturist that he initially bought the bees from to see if he had a box hubby could buy for his captured swarm, the apiculturist put him down as someone he can send out for swarm collection when he gets calls.

I must give him credit, he’s a natural bee charmer. They seem to have zero concern with him bugging them, and they are all still alive and thriving.

Here are the other videos, same quality:


15 thoughts on “The Bee Charmer

      • The bees are free to come and go, they are pollinators for the region. We simply provide a fitting home. The sheep are vegetation control and save on chemical use. The chickens are quite happy and are free range during the day, we close up the coop at night to help protect from predators. Must farms/farmers habe attachment to their charges and take the responsibilty quite serious. Trust me when I say nature is far more cruel.

      • I most definitely do. We are much more humane about it than the wolves, cougars, skunks, badgers, and other predators these animals would encounter are. I encourage you to spend some time at a farm, the death of an animal is not taken lightly by anyone. Egg collection does not hurt chickens in the least, they will lay whether the eggs are collected or not, and chickens (even if wild) would not raise or even hatch all eggs laid. Ours have 12 acres they enjoy but never seem to choose to stray from. I applaud your interest in animal health and safety.

      • But those animals need those foods to survive, so what does “humane” have to do with it?

        How do you “humanely” steal from, use, and kill someone for foods you don’t need to have ?

      • The amount of space required to grow enough vegatation to feed the world without eating animals or animal dependant products would eliminate habitat to allow for wildlife.

      • How are we feeding the “livestock” and the human race as well then ?

        Eradicate animal farms and replace them with plant farms.
        There is absolutely no more excuse for animal farming.

      • Eggs are an absolute atrocity and should not be eaten by people for any reason; loaded with cholesterol, sex hormones, saturated animal fats, and calories.

        Not to mention that a hen doesn’t know if an egg is fertilized or not, and they are her’s not your’s after all; often hens will eat the eggs they eventually realize aren’t fertilized. You stealing them from her has zero justification.

  1. Glad you could help save the bees. Most swarms do not survive their first winter. What’s interesting is that honey bees, unlike any other agricultural animal, are totally free to come and go. We don’t enslave them. They are free to leave whenever they like. In fact they forage over 10,000 acres daily and return home of their own choosing. We provide housing, which is scant nowadays with so many of the older trees cut down, and we provide feed as needed to help them survive difficult times and feed their young. A symbiotic relationship between man and honey bees has formed which benefits both man and the bees.

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