Oh how my frustration level is at its peak! My jam won’t set. I’ve tried all kinds of things. Cook it down, add pectin, give it more time to cool, don’t boil so long, do the ripple test, do the spoon test, and on and on. Hubby has invested a bit too, so he is getting frustrated, and as much as I get it, I also have this urge to fight over who gets to be frustrated. Hahhaha It’s a jam version of colic baby fights.

I mean, I’m not quite “Brittney Spears shaving her head” level,

Image result for britney spears shaved head

but, I’m definitely approaching this mom’s level:

Image result for mom losing her mind

I really, really, just want to drag my butt to Grandma’s with my head down and say “please help me fix this all knowing one”.

Trying to learn from the internet and books is not so easy with jam. I mean, when I couldn’t figure out why my headlights flashed for no reason, I googled it, was told to change this plug-in piece. I YouTube’d that, and bam, all done!

With jam, I’ve checked YouTube, I’ve checked blogs, I’m around 7 batches in and still they all look the same. The 1st batch set. I don’t know why. I don’t think I did anything different……

I found a blog that says to add not just pectin, but water and lemon juice too. I think I’m just going to start completely over, I’ll ditch the KitchenAid mixer, I’ll deal with the seeds, and no multitasking.

Wish me luck.


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