BMS Garden Plans

I’m so excited for my garden space at the Blue Mountain Station. Our farm vegetables have already been featured at the Blue Mountain Station Coop store, but now we will have more and be on site for fresh stocking. How much more local can you get! Plus were looking at having a small coop in the garden and we will be offering farm fresh eggs at the market too.

If I list all the things I have going, this really sounds crazy, but it’s not an all at once thing. So yes, I’ve got my mom duties, home life, and I’m still coaching the high school track team, but the garden is fairly low maintenance during track season. Yes, there is prep work and planting, but the real heavy lifting is when lettuce starts harvesting and the weeds start going crazy where you can’t till anymore.

Thus far I’ve been collecting up seeds, spring bulbs, and I’ve been planting starts. My littlest has been very excited about this as well. It’s given us something to do together and even gets my oldest out in the fresh air too. I guess that’s partly how I cover the home life – farming is part of our family life and something we spend time together doing. Maybe that’s part of what is driving me this year. COVID has made things so hard and I feel like it’s been ages since we’ve been out. My Grandma always made it clear that the garden and farm work were a family affair and I guess with loosing her this past winter, that may also be coming into play. She was always good for a “sit, pull some weeds, and tell me about it”.

I think the thing I’m most excited for will be the Farm to Fridge baskets. Rather than a traditional CSA we will be offering weekly basket mixes of fresh produce that will be a first come first served situation. Currently the plan is that 1 week before a rough estimate will be issued of what is available – for example we may post that there are 10 baskets available, then people can register for them. Depending on the season we will also be offering items such as flats of peaches or pears.

Plus this year is International Year of Fresh Vegetables #IYFV2021

How about fresh cut flowers? I just love fresh flowers on the dinner table.

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