Around the Farm


We like to keep things fun on the farm and at times its straight up a funny farm. So, with that in mind, we have a flock of sheep that look like goats and a herd of goats that look like sheep.

Meet our flock:

Katahdin Sheep are a meat breed developed in Maine, US. The breed shed their winter coats so they do not need to be sheared. We have a couple half breeds, so they need some help with their wool time to time. This makes for the clown top or toupee look. Katahdin breed is resistant to parasites and the ewes will generally have a 200% lambing rate making this a very productive breed. The meat has a surprisingly mild flavor compared to traditional wool sheep, making for a great addition to the menu.

(individual pictures)

Red is our Alfa – the flock leader and protector. We can always tell when a cougar or other predator has been on the farm by the way she leads the others. She will stay a few feet in front of the others with an aggressive stance, the others follow behind and take her ques. If she stops, they stop, if she gives the approval, they spread out and graze. Its very amazing to watch.
The goat herd:

Angora goats are a breed originating from Ankara, Turkey (historically Angora), they are most commonly raised for their fiber known as mohair. Our herd help with vegetation control and fiber production. These ladies are super sweet, and are the best kid entertainment on the farm. They like attention, will eat from your hand, and are playful.


The Other Flock:

We usually have around ___ chickens. We currently have two roosters, one is an adopted stray banty who is just a super cute miniature that doesn’t seem to get beat up, so he stays. The other is Rooster Cogburn, he’s a little rude to the ladies in my opinion, but he doesn’t attack the kids, so he lives.