Baseball Birthday

Baseball Birthday

This past weekend my baby turned 1. I avoided thinking about it as long as I could , but at a certain point I had to accept that my baby is getting to be a toddler and let him have his day. Hubby’s mom was up from out of state, so the family would all be at the house, and that alone is a full house.  Just hubby’s family made a house of 9 little ones and 8 adults. We kept the party limited as we expected to need to be indoors, and I’m not sure about you, but that basically maxes out my home especially having that many kids running around. However, we had a great surprise in the form of an 80 degree sunshiny day.


Thinking back it turned out great, but I really do owe it all to hubby. You see, I decorate, and plan, and fuss over the minor details. He on the other hand implements.  He’s the one that remembers the practical stuff; the things I wouldn’t use personally and therefore don’t think to buy, pickles, tomatoes, extra chips. I also don’t seem to understand how much food kids eat. The family gathered at our house the night prior too, the chips were eaten, the veggies were eaten, dinner was eaten, and popcorn was eaten. I was out of ideas, and one of my snackers was gluten and dairy free. I was in a bit of a panic for the next day. All I had planned was hot dogs, popcorn, and cracker jacks. Hubby to the rescue! He picked up all the practical stuff and no one was hungry at the end of the night.



And since he took care of the real party needs, I got to set up cute baseball theme decorations. Baseball invitations (sample pic below) which turned out perfect!

Vintage Baseball Ticket Invitation - Baseball Birthday Party Invitation - Boy Birthday Party - DIY Printable

I ordered those here. Baseball toddler photos curtesy of me. Thank you. Baseball baby smash cake, I’m not a cake decorator, but I think it turned out pretty good. Baseball themed party supply table with a couple pictures of the guest of honor. And my awesome sister hooked us up with slip and slide baseball.


We couldn’t have asked for a better family evening on the farm.

farmlandlove_baby1 farmlandlove_baseball4 farmlandlove_baseball3



You may or may not have noticed I haven’t posted for a bit. Things have been very hectic for me. Hubby is done working out of town for a bit, but with the Wanapum Dam combating “catastrophic failure”, he’s working a lot of OT. Actually it sounds like he will be working 7 days a week until June sometime. It’s actually quite amazing to see the river right now. It is so low that they have had to close it in this area. From what I hear there is actually quick sand, it’s very surreal. There are no docks that reach water, and Crescent Bar is screwed to say the least. But on the flip side, when people come to the area and say how “un-touched” the land is, they will be speaking closer to the truth. Anyway here’s a pic, and I’m moving on.


Here’s a link if you’re still curious:

The other day I was in Ephrata to take soccer team pictures. It was actually a fun experience. I was pretty worried at first, the grass was brown and the trees were still leafless, plus there were a lot of teams running around. Now, leafless trees may not sound too bad, but behind those trees are a city shop (i.e. road district equipment), a fire station, and some lesser awesome homes, one of which actually had a car jacked up in the front yard. The best bad option was the old “homestead” barn that is amazingly still standing and due to expansion is now in town.


I was able to take the pictures from a slightly elevated angle so that I only had grass in the background, and with a little work in photoshop I was able to make the grass green-ish.


On the way home I stopped by a little “Antique shop”, and I use quotes for a reason. The store has great finds, for cheap, but you have to combat a less than pleasant environment. But if you can get past the cat urine smell, dust and cobwebs, you can find great stuff.

This is Reiners (Ephrata, WA):


Here are some finds:

DSC_0052 DSC_0054

One thing I love about the man that owns the store is that I can go in and tell him what I’m looking for and he can find it. On my last trip I was looking for a snaffle bit to use as a dish towel holder. He found what I was looking for within minutes outside, though he did have to cut it out of the old leather bridle.


Here is what things look like inside the store.

IMAG0432 IMAG0427 IMAG0425