Winter Wonder Land

Winter Wonder Land

This year we have gotten more snow then the entire winter last year. My son is in heaven. Th first snow fall he was up and dressed in full snow gear and running out the door before the sun was up.


It’s great to watch. Last year I felt like I was depriving my son of the basics of childhood. He didn’t seem to understand the idea that we could have frost, but no snow. I found him trying to make a snow man out of the frost that had fallen from our trees.

Across the road is an irrigation ditch, it makes for great sledding. It brings back memories of my own childhood sledding. We lived in wheat country. with great rolling hills and wash outs. We would all gear up and spend hours in the snow. Grandma would call us in and our noses would be frozen, and our lips blue. So cold it would actually hurt to warm up. We had a great hill, and at the bottom a creek ran through and as a result there was a wash out which made for a great sled launch. We would compete to see who could make it the farthest, then regret it as it made the hike back so much farther.  My great aunt taught us that the fastest sleds weren’t sleds at all, but waxed cardboard boxes.

Winters as a kid were hard. We would get snowed in most every year. Two girls trapped together for days on end could get into some real serious fights believe it or not.  I remember one year in particular a snow plow driver would plow through the area checking on residents. As he drove through, the snow would fall back in behind him. That year was so bad we would sled off the roof. We made igloos and snow forts. We had some of the most elaborate snow wars a kid could survive. And each snow cave we made sure to test. How do you test a snow cave as a grade-school kid? Why shove the rottweiler inside of course! We had a theory about that dog, if he went in and stayed, it must be safe. The day one caved in and buried him I thought Grandpa would kill us. We also used to push him out onto the ice of the run-off pond behind the shop. We weren’t allowed to play on it as it was at least 6 feet deep, but we figured if he went on the ice, it must be safe. haha.

And with that tidbit, I sign off.

Merry Christmas everyone, and God bless.